NANKANG Launches New SUV(CUV) Tire Rollnex SP-9


The Taiwan manufacturer NANKANG Rubber Tire unveils the latest tire SP-9 to meet the growing demand in SUV or CUV car market. By adopting the optimized tread design and pitch sequence, NANKANG SP-9 achieves the perfect combination of performance such as comfort, safety and mileage.
NANKANG SP-9 is the latest fruitful result of extensive research and tests, featuring new generation rubber compound and pattern design. By utilizing evenly thin sipes throughout the tread, SP-9 carries a better stability and comfort driving journey. To reduce the rolling noise generated from tire pattern, the pitch sequence of the tread has been simulated by the latest computer technology.
Nickname called after “Cross Sport,” the SP-9 is designed to deliver excellent handling and stability required by mainstream crossover vehicles, either driving in urban areas or countryside.
With four central circumferential grooves and intensive lateral grooves, SP-9 evacuates water efficiently, breaks the surface tension, and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. According to NANKANG Tire, the SP-9 has agile handling and shorter breaking distance on wet and dry road.
The SP-9 comes in up 70 sizes of V and H speed ratings, sizes range from 14” to 21”, section width from 175 to 295.